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Dr Bridie Gallagher,

Clinical psychologist

I have specialist experience within child and adolescent mental health and neurodevelopmental disabilities.

I am a clinical psychologist with a professional interest in how trauma impacts neurodevelopment and emotional wellbeing. Working with biological and adoptive parents, and carers in a group setting enables me to provide specialist and professional advice to a broad range of individuals within a supportive environment. Education and mental health needs are supported through assessments, interventions, consultancy, training and supervision services.

I am passionate about maximising children and young people's potential in order to support them in becoming happy, safe and ready for life's challenges within their education, home and community settings.

Bridie Gallagher

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Bridie providing training to education professionals

Bridie providing training to education professionals

My education

My work history

My experience

I have a broad range of experience working within child and adolescent mental health settings and have the following specialisms:

Incorporating experience and professional knowledge allows me to provide specialist support to help children and young people to become happy, safe and ready for life’s challenges.

My professional memberships

Health and care professions council (HCPC) - PYL27250

British psychological society (BPS)

Needs identification

As a qualified and experienced clinical psychologist I can identify needs and support interventions for the following areas:

There have been times when people have received a diagnosis without support for the future, and here at HSR Psychology we provide diagnostic follow up services to address identified needs, including interventions.




with Bridie

How can you help students?

I have worked with young people with a lot of different challenges that they want to overcome. Sometimes specific problems that are making life more difficult such as a problem with anxiety, or a learning problem that they are struggling with, and other times the family and young person have got into a crisis because no one really knows what to do or where to go. I can help students and their families to find their own solutions, even when they are not sure yet exactly what the problem is.

It is my job to work out what is going on and then support them through the tricky process of change. Sometime this means the student doing things differently or learning new skills, often it means education settings and/or families finding new ways to work with and support the young person

Describe your approach to students in 3 words.

Curious. Accepting. Playful.

What is the best thing about being a clinical psychologist?

I like being a clinical psychologist because I get to know lots of interesting young people and their families. I have learned lots of different ways to support young people to make positive changes when things get tough and I really enjoy working together to find out which ones work for each young person, as everyone is different.

What fascinates you about children?

I am fascinated by how our experiences when we are children shape the people that we grow up to be and the way that we change and learn as we go through the different stages of our lives. Children are much more fun to work with than grown ups, although I do do lots of talking to Mum’s, Dad’s and teachers too and they can be fun too, sometimes.

My specialities

Child and adolescent mental health




Clinical risk assessment


Family interventions


Complex needs and difficulties




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