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All our psychologists are members of the HCPC.

What does HCPC stand for?

HCPC stands for the ‘health and care professions council’.

What is the HCPC?

The HCPC is a registered body for health and care professionals, and all of our psychologists are registered with the HCPC. You can check the registration of our psychologists on the HCPC website by searching for ‘practitioner psychologist’ and typing in their surname. The registration number of each of our psychologists is provided on their team pages.

What is a practitioner psychologist?

A practitioner psychologist is anyone who is a:

Our psychologists will either be an educational psychologist, a counselling psychologist or a clinical psychologist. The information about which psychologist our team members are can be found on their profiles.

Being a practitioner psychologist is a protected job title.

Check the register

Check your provider. Make sure they are legally allowed to work as a psychologist. You can check this on the HCPC website.

  • Legal
  • Regulated
  • Safe

Check the register

What does the HCPC regulate?

The HCPC sets out specific standards which professionals must meet to maintain their HCPC registration. All of our psychologists meet the standards set by the HCPC. These include:

To visit the website or to find out more information please visit

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