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Our specialist educational and child psychologists take a proactive approach to educational and psychological intervention in order to improve your client’s functional, emotional and psychological status, in both the home and educational environment.

Our specialist interventions are flexible and may be clinic-based, home-based and community-based.

What types of psychology do we provide for children and young people?

We provide case managers with access to; educational psychologists, clinical psychologists and counselling psychologists.

Rehabilitation provider

We provide effective psychological interventions for children and young people during their rehabilitation. Our educational and child psychologists take a client-centred approach in order to provide effective and targeted input. Our team promotes specialist, high quality and cost-effective interventions to reach agreed SMART objectives. As an independent rehabilitation provider our overriding duty will be to your client through a therapeutic relationship.

Psychological and cognitive interventions may vary on a case-to-case basis and our experts are able to carry out bespoke interventions to benefit your client’s recovery. Our educational and child psychologists have experience working with families and schools providing the opportunity to extend the scope and effectiveness of the interventions as they may be used in multiple settings.

Meet the team

We believe in the importance of an evidence-based approach that is both professional and cost effective. We value our team’s ability to provide a broad range of services and share specialist knowledge.

Maximise rehab potential

We provide immediate access to our expert team as proceeding with rehabilitation at the earliest stage possible brings psychological and economical benefits in addition to increasing the effectiveness of rehabilitation for your client. To reduce the impact of the trauma on psychological, cognitive and academic abilities, we work closely with your client as soon as possible.

By referring to our team, you are choosing bespoke interventions with an achievable and needs-led focus to maximise the potential of your client and reach agreed aims. We work with your client to reach an optimum level of wellness, self-care management, and functional capability.


We are committed to regular communication with the relevant organisations to demonstrate services are being delivered, goals are being met and changes in circumstances are taken into account. We can attend meeting and complete reports on request to aid communication.

Our psychological interventions provide rehabilitation in multiple aspects of your client’s life to provide an effective route to rehabilitation. To find out how we can benefit you and your clients, please contact us now.

Refer your client to us

We provide initial discussions to discuss specific services in order to provide an accurate quote for our specialist services.

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Case managers we work with

We have experience working with lots of case managers, including:

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