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Group work

Group work provides opportunities for children in early years settings to learn psychological strategies to promote child development.

What types of group work do we provide?

Group work can be provided for areas of need, including developmental milestones. Within an early years setting there can be a wide variety in capabilities which is why our group work can be bespoke to the needs within your setting. We can provide group work in many areas, including:

Our psychologists can assist you in identifying needs present within your early years setting and suggest specific groups if you are unsure which would benefit your students.

Group work in the early years

Young children taking part in group work within their early years setting

Who is suitable for group work?

Due to the broad range of groups available and the flexibility of our groups, all children within your early years setting will be suitable for group work. Children who are not making expected progress or struggling with a particular area of need would benefit from a specialist group.

What are the benefits of group work?

Early years settings provide many learning experiences and opportunities for children to support their development and take part in natural group work. Some children require targeted and focussed support to enable them to reach their potential and take part in group work. There are many benefits of specialist group work from our team of psychologists, including:

Specialist group work supplements the learning opportunities provided within the early years setting in order to support children in reaching their potential.

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Who can carry out group work?

Our specialist team of psychologists can carry out group work due to their knowledge of child development and psychology. In order to provide a cost effective and value for money service our assistant educational psychologists can carry out high quality, specialist group work.

What happens during group work?

Each group work session is adaptable and flexible according to the needs of the children during the sessions. Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to use their professional judgement to create personalised challenges within the groups. Activities provided will be fun and educational with the children learning essential skills to support them through their learning.

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What happens after group work?

Group work will continue for a set duration of time, and following on from that there will be a review of the progress made within the group. Our specialists may make recommendations for the future in relation to specific children or skills.

Group work provided by our specialist psychologists supports children in your early years setting to develop essential development skills. The group environment facilitates positive social interactions and works to increase self-esteem throughout the sessions.

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