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School services

Our school clinical, educational and child psychology services are available for all types of primary and secondary schools. Our psychologists are experienced and members of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), British Psychological Society (BPS) and / or the Association of Educational Psychologists (AEP).

Which areas do HSR provide services to schools?

Our specialist psychologists have extensive experience providing services to schools within Greater Manchester and the North West. We offer service level agreements in the following North West areas:

Blackburn with Darwen, Bolton, Bury, Cheshire East, Halton, Knowsley, Lancashire, Liverpool, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Sefton, St Helens, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Warrington, Wigan and the Wirral.

If you're outside this location please contact us to find out if we can help.

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What school services do we offer?

Our efficient and cost effective school services can be categorised as follows:

We are available to work in an ongoing and a standalone capacity depending on your school’s requirements for psychology input.

Why use HSR Psychology in your school?

In order for your school to deliver the best possible education for your students, you should have the opportunity to access high quality external services, which is why:

Due to limited funding and resources within local authority educational psychology services, some schools are unable to access reliable, immediate, child-centred and consistent psychology services.

The Department of Education is encouraging more and more schools to take control of the commissioning of specialist educational psychology services. The SEND code of practice (2015) also recommends, to ensure the best possible provision, schools should look at what is available in their local area and consider commissioning a school-based service. We provide school commissioned services to provide schools with an efficient, supportive and cost effective option. If you would like to explore what options are available for your school in terms of educational psychology provision then please contact us now to discuss your requirements.

When would someone need an initial discussion?

Individuals who are interested in any of the following services would require an initial discussion:

What makes HSR Psychology different?

HSR Psychology is a unique psychology service due to the nature of combining different specialisms, our holistic approach, supporting assistant and trainee psychologists, and working within education, home and community settings.

Instant access to a named psychologist

Instant access to a named psychologist not only facilitates early identification and intervention, but also a positive professional relationship with a trusted psychologist who understands your setting. We provide instant access to our specialist team through a quick and simple referral process or through a service level agreement provides your school with expert input at a time to suit you. For ongoing work we will provide you with a designated named psychologist to support consistency within your school.

A focus on mental health and wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing needs among students have increased. Our psychologists integrate strategies to improve mental health and wellbeing within their interactions with students and staff. Clinical, educational and child psychologists working together allows specialist input for more complex mental health and wellbeing needs onsite. Providing input onsite facilitates a comfortable experience for students whilst keeping school staff in the loop regarding interventions and techniques to support the students’ learning. Early interventions with regards to mental health and wellbeing alongside a whole school approach will reduce the escalation of certain behaviours and stress caused by complicated external referrals.

A joined-up approach

At HSR Psychology we have access to an inhouse network of professionals from other disciplines, such as occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and specialist teachers. Working alongside other professionals allows us to take a joined-up approach to our work by integrating aspects from other specialisms, or through making quick and simple referrals to other professionals. Our joined-up approach extends to working alongside parents and carers of students to promote consistency in strategies among the education and home setting.

A bespoke service to meet your needs

Each school will have unique and specific requirements for how our input will be used, and our bespoke service is flexible to meet needs. We provide services for mainstream, specialist and independent schools as well as PRUs which means that we are adaptable to each school’s needs. A combination of our flexibility, responsiveness and scope means that we can offer a truly bespoke service to meet the needs within your school. As the commissioner of our service schools can request that we provide a psychologist with a particular specialism, an alternative designated psychologist and a specific way of working to fit in with your education setting. Whatever your needs, our bespoke service can help your students to be happy, safe and ready to face life’s challenges.

A broad range of psychology services

We provide a broad range of statutory and non statutory psychology services based in clinical, educational and child psychology. If you have a need which requires our psychology input then we will have a service to offer. We provide specialist support packages for children with looked after status and other specific needs. Our bespoke service allows you to implement preventative and non statutory work according to your requirements. Our specialists provide services on an individual, group and whole school level according to your requirements.

Cost effective

HSR Psychology has been designed from the ground up as a cost effective service so we are able to provide professional and specialist support to children, young people, education settings, parents and carers during a time of restricted funding. We are cost effective through offering service level agreements, allowing you to choose the level of report you receive when possible, and through employing assistant and trainee psychologists.

Our assistant psychologists allow us to offer an efficient, specialised and cost effective service. Through supporting aspiring educational psychologists we are encouraging their professional development and preparing them for a successful career within educational psychology. Our links with the University of Manchester means that we are a placement provider for trainee psychologists currently studying their doctorate in clinical, educational and child psychology. Placements provide trainees with the opportunity to apply their psychological knowledge to support children and young people who previously could have been on a long waiting list for specialist input.

Maximising potential of children

Supporting children and young people in maximising their potential

We work closely with children, young people, education staff and families to maximise potential and improve emotional wellbeing.

About us

In order to provide the best possible bespoke service to schools we work with, we limit the number of service level agreements we provide. We like to work in an ongoing capacity with schools who are as committed as we are to supporting children and young people to reach their potential through taking a holistic, child-centred and needs-led approach. Service level agreements will be provided on a first come first serve basis. To find out more about our school services and how they can benefit you, or to book a free initial discussion, please contact us now.

Free initial discussion for your school

Arrange a free initial discussion to find out how we can benefit your school...

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What makes us different

Access to a named psychologist

Focus on mental health and wellbeing

Joined-up approach

Bespoke services to meet needs

Multidisciplinary team

Holistic approach

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