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Expert witness services

Our specialist clinical, child and educational psychologists can work both as a court appointed expert and a party appointed expert.

In the role of a court appointed expert our experienced psychologists will provide evidence and professional opinions to both parties equally. In the role of a party appointed expert our specialist psychologists will remain impartial and conduct their appointment professionally. Our experienced team can also be used as a single joint expert in court proceedings.

As practicing educational and child psychologists, our team are frequently applying psychology through assessments, interventions and consultancy work. We have an extensive network of associates available to ensure that we are responsive and efficient.

Where do we provide expert witness services?

We provide expert witness services nationwide, across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Part 35 compliant

Our medico-legal reports are written in line with the Ministry of Justice rules and directions::

  • Part 35 - Experts and Assessors
  • Practice Direction supplements CPR Part 35
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Expert witness and expert advisor

As an expert witness, our evidence can be personally presented in court and the report will be written within your specified time scale in compliance with legal guidelines set out in practice direction 35. Our educational and child psychologists can work within a witness team alongside other expert witnesses, and answer questions put forward to them. Expert evidence will be the independent product of the expert psychologist you are working with and will be uninfluenced by the pressures of litigation. At HSR Psychology we ensure that all material facts will be considered, including those which may detract from our personal opinions. Our specialist educational and child psychologists are available to fulfil the role of expert advisor if their appearance in court is not required.

The independent and professional opinion provided by our specialists will be relevant to the areas of educational and child psychology and based on evidence of fact. Our psychologists are BPS (British Psychological Society), AEP (association of educational psychologists) and HCPC (health and care professions council) registered, covered by appropriate professional insurance and hold enhanced DBS checks.

In the case of a party appointed expert, if a discussion between experts is directed by the court then our experienced psychologists can fulfil this requirement.

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We provide initial discussions to discuss specific services in order to provide an accurate quote for our specialist services.

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Our expert witness service provides impartial specialist knowledge and professional, efficient psychologists. To discuss your requirements with us or to instruct our service please contact us now.

What types of specific assessments do we offer?

We offer specific assessments which can be categorised into the following seven categories:

  • Cognition and learning
  • Physical and sensory
  • Speech language and communication
  • Social, emotional and mental health
  • School assessments
  • Medico-legal

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Flexible, consistent, and competitively priced

We provide bespoke solutions to suit all budgets and requirements for children and young people aged 0-25 in homes, education settings and the community. Our clinical, educational and child psychology services are cost effective.

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