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Parent partnerships

We are passionate about supporting parents and carers in having their voices heard, especially when it comes to their child’s needs within educational settings.

How do we support parents?

We support parents in many ways, through listening to their views as well as providing our specialist services directly to parents. Drop-ins are a great way to listen to parents’ views and concerns, and provides parents with an opportunity to receive answers and advice. We understand how difficult it can be for parents and carers to have their views heard and respected, and we can help you by being an additional professional voice to support you in your important advocacy role. Parent partnership services are important in ensuring parents’ and carers’ views are heard, understood and respected.

Do we provide workshops and training?

We can support your service by providing training related to special educational needs and disability issues related to both education and home life. Increased understanding of needs leads to putting effective support in place.

Parent and carer workshops

We provide workshops specifically for parents and carers on a variety of topics such as: sleep, school readiness, toileting, preparation for adulthood and support for special educational needs and disabilities. Our parent workshops are designed to encourage and facilitate support between parents and carers to create a local support network. Read about our upcoming CPD events to find out more. If you have a need for a specific workshop which is not listed then please contact us so we can arrange a workshop to suit your needs.

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Who do we accept referrals from?

We accept referrals from parents, school staff and the community. We are happy to speak with you about the broad range of clinical, educational and child psychology services we offer for children and young people so you can feel confident in recommending our services to parents, carers and schools. Working in both school and home allows us to further understand a situation and take a holistic approach ensuring a robust and effective approach to helping children and young people with their needs. If you would like to refer an individual to us then please don’t hesitate to contact us to talk to a member of our team or complete an online referral.

Parent partnership provides a level of support which parents and carers need, and we would like to support you by providing a service parents need. If you are interested in working with us, or finding out more about how we can help you then please contact us to talk to a member of our team.

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