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Our specialist clinical and educational psychologists use their expertise and experience during consultations to support problem-solving, carrying out reviews, setting up new services or provisions and advising.

What are the benefits of consultation?

There are many benefits of consultations with our clinical and educational psychologists, including:

Your post-16 setting can use consultations with our team as an isolated piece of work, or as a series. Consultations can be included as part of a service level agreement, read more about our college commissioned services.

What happens during a consultation?

Consultations are flexible to your needs and provide advice and expertise from a psychological background. Consultations can provide information needed for your setting to take a proactive approach to a situation and implement sustainable change.

During challenging circumstances within your post-16 setting, a consultation can help with the creation and implementation of a successful plan based in psychological knowledge.

Consultations may lead to the creation of an action plan with agreed outcomes. An action plan can involve input from us in the forms of assessments, screening, interventions, group work or systemic work.

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What happens after a consultation?

If an action plan was agreed upon during the consultation, then it will be put into place after the consultation, which may not include input from our team. Following a consultation you may wish to evaluate and review the impact of our input after a period of time.

Consultations bring many benefits to your post-16 setting as they facilitate a proactive discussion and the agreement of shared outcomes. Our psychologists use their experience and specialist during consultations for the benefit of an individual case, a group, staff or whole setting. To learn more about our consultations in post-16 settings, please contact us to talk to a member of our team.

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