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DSA assessments

An assessment for the disabled students’ allowance (DSA) is to decide on extra support which may be needed to support you in further education.

How much does a DSA needs assessment cost?

A DSA needs assessment is paid for by student finance England following a successful application for funding, and will be charged as £660.

Do I need to have received a university place before a needs assessment?

DSA needs assessments can happen before you receive your final university place. If you have selected the same course at multiple universities then your needs will remain the same despite the course. If you have selected a number of different courses then we may recommend waiting until your final choice before having the needs assessment. You do not have to have the needs assessment straight away.

Can a DSA needs assessment happen once I have started my course?

A DSA needs assessment can happen at any time during your course. We recommend having a needs assessment prior to starting so you can have appropriate support in place from the very beginning.

DSA needs assessment

Students taking notes during a seminar at university

Does a DSA needs assessment provide a diagnosis?

A DSA needs assessment does not provide a diagnosis. Students who qualify for a DSA needs assessment will already have a diagnosis or confirmation of difficulties from previous assessments. A DSA needs assessment will inform student finance and your higher education provider of resources or support you should receive to support your studies.

Which disabilities, conditions and difficulties are covered by the DSA?

Many disabilities, conditions and difficulties are covered by the DSA. If you require extra support to study, such as specialist equipment or a person’s support, then you could be covered by the DSA. An example of what is covered by the DSA includes:

All disabilities, conditions and difficulties vary in severity, so if you are unsure whether you qualify for a DSA needs assessment then please talk to the inclusion manager at your college. If you have been receiving additional learning support during your studies, then you may qualify for a DSA needs assessment.

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What services do we provide for the DSA?

We provide a number of services related to students who qualify for the DSA. In addition to the needs assessment, we also provide specialist study support as non medical help (NMH).

What services do we provide for students who do not qualify for the DSA?

We provide a broad range of services for students who do not qualify for the DSA. We can carry out specific assessments to identify your learning strengths and difficulties. If you already know your learning needs then we also provide interventions which are carried out by our psychologists to teach you skills and strategies to use your learning strengths.

Our DSA needs assessments identify specialist equipment or support which may be needed during higher education. Student finance pays for the assessment once your application for finance has been accepted. If you do not qualify for a DSA needs assessment then we offer services to support you with your needs.

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