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Exam access arrangements

Exam access arrangements are often carried out by a member of staff with an access arrangements qualification, usually the SENCO.

Our exam access arrangements services have been designed to provide specialist, targeted and systemic support to this process.

Who is suitable for exam access arrangements?

Exam access arrangements are there to support individuals who require specific measures for their exams, this includes children and young people:

Part of our exam access arrangements services includes supporting education settings with the identification of individuals requiring exam access arrangements.

Exam access arrangements

Students revising for upcoming exams

What are the benefits of exam access arrangements services?

Our exam access arrangements services bring many benefits to education settings as they help to:

Our exam access arrangements services can be used at any stage in the academic year as it is never too early to prepare.

What happens during our exam access arrangements services?

Our exam access arrangements services vary according to the need within an education setting, and they can include the following:

The specific services taking place will be discussed and agreed during an initial discussion.

Free initial discussion

We provide free initial discussions to education settings as part of our cost effective service. Specific services may be discussed in order to provide an accurate for our specialist psychological input.

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Which exam access arrangements assessments do we use?

There are many different reasons why our input could be requested for exam access arrangements. The specialist assessments we use will be relevant to the four areas of special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND):

  • Cognition and learning
  • Physical and sensory
  • Speech, language and communication
  • Social, emotional and mental health

The need for assessments to be used will be discussed during an initial discussion or a reports we offer.

Our exam access arrangement services are bespoke according to the requirements and needs of an education setting. Specific services we provide are; assessments, consultancy and training.

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