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Our specialist psychologists work with charities in education settings, the community and homes. Our services are accessible for all, and can be commissioned in many ways, including personal budgets, charities and charity-run education settings.

Our specialist clinical, educational and child psychologists can provide many services such as consultancy, training, specific assessments and interventions.

Do we offer continuous professional development opportunities?

Our specialist psychologists offer a broad range of training and other professional development opportunities. We can design bespoke training for onsite delivery related to the unique needs of the charity. Workshops are a great way to encourage interactive learning for staff, team members and groups. Throughout the year we offer a variety of off site training, workshops and events. Our events are perfect for networking between professional fields and sharing good practice. Read about our CPD events to see what’s coming up and to book a place.

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What are the benefits of working with us?

There are many benefits of a charity working with us. These include:

Immediate access

Immediate access to our specialist team allows you to receive swift and comprehensive support when required. Identification of special educational needs and intervention is made simple with quick access to our psychologists and specific assessments. Our dedicated specialist team adapt according to requirements and needs to provide comprehensive support.


We provide transparent, impartial advice and consultancy. We can provide second opinions and guidance on issues within the field of special educational needs and disabilities and education.


Our specialist team take a holistic approach in order to best support children and young people within their educational and daily life. Our holistic approach involves working together with the education setting, family and community to achieve a joined-up approach. We can advise on systemic approaches to maximise the opportunities for children and young people to reach their potential. Parents can commission our services to work within the family, community or education setting.

What work do we offer to charity-run schools?

Our services in charity-run schools vary according to the setting and needs. Each service we provide is cost effective and flexible to requirements. Our inclusive service ensures that the services provided to maintained and independent schools are equal.

Read about the services we offer to:

Our flexibility provides us with the opportunity to help as many children and young people as possible with a broad range of needs in multiple settings.

Do we work with charitable organisations?

Charitable organisations provide a broad range of support and we work with individual and clusters of charitable organisations. We help charities or charitable organisations:

The support offered by our specialist team is bespoke to the needs and requirements of the charitable organisation using our services.

To learn more about our work with charities or to book a consultation, please contact us to talk to a member of our team.

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