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NOTICE: We cannot currently offer Educational Psychology services. We can provide - Cognitive Assessments, SpLD Assessments, and Dyslexia Assessments.


Viewing the school from an independent and impartial perspective allows governors to be visionaries as well as being able to identify a need before the school. We identify and respond effectively to needs within a school through our independent, flexible and bespoke service.

Raising school standards provides a safe environment to encourage a happy attitude to learning.

How do we support schools?

We use our psychology and education knowledge on a whole school, targeted and individual level to cover needs. We offer specific school services and school training as it can be difficult for school staff to remain up to date and integrate new government policy and legislation in regards to education, special educational needs, disabilities and mental health in schools.

Swift and efficient responses are necessary to respond effectively to emerging situations, and our team are available for early identification and interventions. We are here to help through providing quick assessments, interventions and consultations.

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How do we work?

Our process and proactive approach maximises results within schools. We value students’ wellbeing as well as academic achievements, and believe students should be seen as individuals, not independent factors in a data set. Combining early identification, early intervention and nurturing wellbeing leads to happy and healthy students, reducing the likelihood of future interventions and input. Equipping staff and students with a mental toolkit of effective strategies encourages self-sufficiency, creating savings in the long run.

How do we save schools money?

Through a service level agreement schools will have access to a designated member of our team for a consistent service. Our psychologists are also available for standalone work when needed. We use evidence-based approaches to demonstrate the impact and cost effectiveness of our involvement. Through our service schools are able to choose their level of reporting; if a comprehensive report is required then we will write one, however if a verbal summary is sufficient then we will not waste time and money by writing a report which is not required.

What do we provide?

Through our comprehensive range of services for schools we provide a number of strengths to schools and staff. We provide schools with:

We provide school staff with:

Our specialist psychology services ensure that we make a positive contribution to each school we are in and provide a high quality service which demonstrates impact and value for money.

Which education settings do we work in?

Our specialist team of psychologists work in all education settings. We can provide service level agreements to the following education settings:

Governors have an important role in the running of schools and are able to bring about true and lasting change. Our supportive clinical, counselling, educational and child psychology service will meet the needs within your school to bring about positive results and support staff and students on their way to becoming happy, safe and ready for life’s challenges. If you would like to discuss how we can help, or to book a free initial discussion then please contact us.

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