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A special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO) is responsible for many aspects of school life, including: assessing, arranging specialist provision, making difficult decisions about provision and resources, training, providing support and advice.

Being a SENCO can be stressful due to the demanding nature of the role, and we are here to support SENCOs in their role and make the process of obtaining time with a psychologist quick and simple in addition to facilitating SEND paperwork.

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How can we help a SENCO in their role?

We help SENCOs in their role by providing a broad range of school services and school assessments. As the person responsible for co-ordinating special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) provision, a SENCO’s role in identifying needs, providing support and bringing in professionals is a challenging one. Being the first, and often only, port of call to any and all SEND questions adds extra challenges to the role. We offer instant access to our team to alleviate the problems created through waiting for a response from a specialist. Assessments will be completed to suit a school’s requirements and timeframe.

We are here to ease the stress of SENCO responsibilities by:

Our service can be commissioned through service level agreements, and in a standalone capacity when necessary. With a service level agreement schools will have a designated professional who truly understands the need for a consistent service to save time and make a SENCO’s role easier. Read more about our school commissioned services.

How do we work with others?

Part of our broad service involves liaising and co-ordinating with other professionals or agencies outside of the education setting to facilitate a joined-up approach. We can work directly with parents to assist in integrating their views into a student’s support. We offer a variety of workshops and drop in sessions to provide information formally to school staff and parents, reducing the need to repeat information. By taking the pressure off in some areas SENCOs will be able to do everything they need to do. If a SENCO is receiving similar complaints each week then we will work to improve the situation, as a whole school approach may be required. We demonstrate the impact of our input through achieving agreed objectives using evidence-based practice.

What additional support can we offer to SENCOs?

Our team has a assistant psychologists who are able to offer additional support to SENCOs at a lower cost to provide the most cost effective service possible. Splitting time between teaching and SENCO duties is an extremely challenging balancing act, one which we will help with. Our assistant psychologists are here to help with SENCO tasks such as assessments, paperwork and observations which divert from other duties such as teaching or subject leader tasks. Using an assistant psychologist who has an in depth knowledge of psychology and education, in addition to the workings of a school, provides you with a high level of specialised support. Our assistants are consistently here for needs.

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We provide free initial discussions to education settings as part of our cost effective service. Specific services may be discussed in order to provide an accurate for our specialist psychological input.

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Do we provide training?

Our on site staff training is available for INSET days and twilight sessions, and the content will be appropriate for staff and school needs. Our specialist team can carry out bespoke training according to requirements. Please contact us to talk to a member of our team and find out more. With new legislation and government guidelines appearing it is hard to stay on top of each change and priority, especially in regards to SEND and mental health within schools. In addition to our whole school services to support in the implementation of systemic approaches to address new government goals, we offer training sessions and events. Read more about the range of external CPD events we offer.

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We implement achievable interventions and recommendations within education settings. Our process is based on an ‘assess, plan, do, review’ cycle with students’ needs at the heart of everything we do.

We offer a broad range of psychological services developed around specific needs, including specific assessments and school services. To discuss how we can best support you and your students please contact us to talk to a member of our team and book your free initial discussion.

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