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Independent schools

Independent schools have the freedom to choose the best psychology provision for their setting. Under a service level agreement independent schools have the freedom to use our clinical, counselling, educational and child psychology services in a way which suits each school’s unique needs and requirements. We are a local, Manchester-based team who understand the importance of having access to a designated psychologist.

Do we offer service level agreements?

We offer service level agreements with access to a designated member of our specialist team. Our school commissioned services provide a value for money approach to consistent, ongoing psychological input.

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What are the benefits of using HSR Psychology in an independent school?

Using HSR Psychology in an independent school brings many benefits as we provide high quality, evidence-based support on an individual, targeted or whole school level. Specific benefits we bring to independent schools include:

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We are responsive to needs through taking a professional and holistic approach. Read about our specific work and services in:

Our specialist team of psychologists aims to reduce the impact caused by SEND, allowing students and staff to be happy, safe and ready to face life’s challenges. If you would like to use our school services then please contact us to find out more about how we can best support you or book your free initial discussion.

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