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Our specialist educational and clinical psychologists provide a broad range of solicitor services. We support solicitors and the court on matters of expertise within the fields of clinical, educational and child psychology. Our expert psychologists adhere to the 2015 rehabilitation code and the Ministry of Justice’s practice direction 35.

  • Expert evidence should be the independent product of the expert uninfluenced by the pressures of litigation.
  • Experts should assist the court by providing objective, unbiased opinions on matters within their expertise, and should not assume the role of an advocate.
  • Experts should consider all material facts, including those which might detract from their opinions.

Practice direction 35 - experts and assessors

Expert Witness

Our professional team provide expert evidence in the form of a written report and also in person at a hearing. Written reports are of the highest quality, comply with the requirements set out in Practice Direction 35 and are turned around within your timeframe. Read about our expert witness services.


Tribunals are available for many situations to settle disputes, and we provide evidence for tribunals from a clinical, educational and child psychology perspective. Our expert psychologists review the situation to provide an impartial, objective and professional opinion. Read about our specific tribunal services.

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We provide initial discussions to discuss specific services in order to provide an accurate quote for our specialist services.

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Firms we work with

We have experience working with lots of solicitors, including:


Our experienced psychologists can fulfil an assessor role in relation to clinical, educational and child psychology. Evidence-based measures are used during our assessments to maintain an objective perspective. Being free from conflicts of interest ensures we are impartial to external pressures. Our specialist psychologists can conduct capacity assessments in addition to court ordered assessments which will vary according to the case and circumstances.


Solicitors can commission our specialist psychologists for medico-legal work. Medico-legal specialisms and areas of expertise include:

Our experienced clinical, educational and child psychologists are available to provide high quality medico-legal assessments and medico-legal reports.

We offer a broad range of solicitor services to provide expert professional opinions, assessments and reports. For an efficient and reliable service, contact us to commission our expert psychologists, who are accessible when you require them.

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