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Pain management

At HSR Psychology we want children and young people to be happy, safe and ready for life’s challenges, providing a range of services around pain management helps us to do this.

What is pain management? 

Pain management with HSR Psychology includes the use of psychological strategies to improve the quality of life for children and young people who need to manage pain on a daily basis. Psychological strategies can be used alongside existing medication and physical therapies or as a standalone method if no existing pain management is in place or recommended.

HSR Psychology includes a team of professionals who are experts in psychological therapies and interventions, they are not medical professionals. Our team should not be used as an alternative to a recommended treatment plan advised by a medical professional.

Our process

At HSR Psychology we ensure that we meet the needs of children and young people. To achieve this we ensure that any specific assessments, intervention, or direct work, is only carried out following an initial discussion.

An initial discussion allows us to understand the background and your expectations of our involvement. Having an initial discussion ensures any services we provide appropriately identify or address needs.

Our process for any specific assessments, intervention, or direct work is as follows:

Step 1: Contact us

We will usually be contacted by the child or young person, parent or carer, or another professional (eg education or health).

You can contact us or complete a referral

Step 2: Arrange an initial discussion

An initial discussion allows us to understand the background and your expectations of our involvement. Arrange an initial discussion

Step 3: Review our recommendations

Following an initial discussion we will send you an email that includes:

  • Next steps recommendations - to provide a bespoke package of support. For example:
    • Assessments
    • Reports
    • Information gathering
    • Meeting
    • Interventions
    • Consultancy
    • Reviews
  • Costing - we will provide costings for any services recommended.

Step 4: Let's get started

On receipt of the next steps recommendations and costing you can decide how to proceed. Once you have decided contact us to arrange the chosen services.

How are needs related to pain management assessed at HSR Psychology?

Pain management needs differ between people, so any assessment by HSR Psychology in this area will be bespoke according to an individual’s needs. Pain management assessments would most likely look at an individual’s response to pain, how they are currently managing their pain and any associated psychological difficulties, such as anxiety and low mood.

Assessments may include a combination of questionnaires, clinical interviews, keeping a journal and standardised assessments. 

What happens after an assessment for needs related to pain management?

Following an assessment for needs related to pain management there will be an opportunity to discuss the assessment and any recommendations for intervention.

Our assessment will not diagnose pain conditions, it will identify psychological needs related to the condition or those which occur as a consequence of pain. Assessment results will help to make recommendations for interventions or strategies for the management of pain, or to understand how pain impacts an individual. Assessment results would be written up and shared as a report. 

What interventions do we support?

The HSR Psychology Team provide bespoke interventions targeting identified areas of need related to pain management, including:

To talk to a member of our team about interventions, then please contact us.

Arrange an Initial Discussion

There is no average cost for an assessment for needs related to a stroke as there are so many possibilities for an assessment. Following an Initial Discussion, we will be able to provide a quotation and a recommendation summary which includes a plan for our input.



Pain management is a balancing act, and it can be incredibly challenging for all involved if the pain is not managed well. Pain impacts the brain, emotions and relationships, so a holistic approach works best. If you would like to arrange an initial discussion for pain management services then please contact us.

What makes us different

Access to a named psychologist

Focus on mental health and wellbeing

Joined-up approach

Bespoke services to meet needs

Multidisciplinary team

Holistic approach

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Flexible, consistent, and competitively priced

We provide bespoke solutions to suit all budgets and requirements for children and young people aged 0-25 in homes, education settings and the community. Our clinical, educational and child psychology services are cost effective.

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