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Education professionals

Education professionals are in a strong position to make a long lasting and positive impact on students’ lives. We are here to guide and support education professionals with our psychological and educational expertise.

Which education professionals do we work with?

We work with all education professionals and our services have been put together in order to be relevant to specific roles within education settings.

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Our services can be used on an individual, targeted or whole school level, providing the right level of support for all needs.

What services do we provide for education professionals?

We provide a broad range of specialist psychology services to education professionals. Our broad range of specific assessments, transition services, interventions, supervision, consultation and CPD events are specialised, accessible and cost effective.

Our services can be commissioned under a service level agreement so appropriate support can be provided at the right time for education settings. Read more about our school commissioned services and our college commissioned services.

We can create bespoke packages of services suitable for all needs and budget requirements. Our early years services, school services and post-16 setting services include the most used psychological input within those settings.

Our specialist clinical, counselling, educational and child psychology team are available for consultations and meetings which may not take place within your education setting. We are flexible to meet your requirements and needs. To discuss how we can help please contact us to talk to a member of our team and book your free initial discussion.

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