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Supervision provides support, guidance and the opportunity for reflection within your professional life.

To provide a reliable, safe and trusting space to facilitate you in your role, our team understand professional and ethical issues and the importance of confidentiality. Supervision enables you to adhere to the codes of professional ethics and conduct (Health and Care Professions Council and the British Psychological Society). A number of models of supervision can be used which will be discussed as part of the supervision process.

Multidisciplinary supervision

A clinical psychologist, leading a therapist group supervision session

Who do we supervise?

We supervise a broad range of professionals including, practitioner psychologists (Educational, Clinical and Counselling Psychologists), assistant psychologists, SENCOs, teachers, school staff and other professionals working in education or children services.

Please contact us if you would like a discussion about how we can support your supervision needs.

Supervision is central to the delivery of high quality psychological services. Good supervision supports professionally competent practice and ensures that legal and ethical responsibilities to clients are met.

(Dunsmuir and Leadbetter, 2010)

What models of supervision are used?

There are a variety of supervision models which can be used, a supervisor or supervisee may prefer to follow a particular model which can be discussed as part of the introductory process. Two models which are commonly used are Hawkins and Shohet’s process model (2007) and Scaife’s General Supervisory Framework (2001).

A supervision contract will be agreed between the supervisor and supervisee.

Supervision generally is carried out in a 1:1 situation but we can also support group and peer supervision. We can offer generic or specialist supervision.pPlease contact us to explore your supervision needs.

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We believe in the importance of an evidence-based approach that is both professional and cost effective. We value our team’s ability to provide a broad range of services and share specialist knowledge.

What happens before supervision?

Our initial supervision session allow supervisees to introduce themselves to their supervisor, discuss their supervision requirements and share other information about their role and the client group they are working with. The preferred supervision approach can be decided and the current issues / concerns can be clarified for future sessions. The initial discussion is based on 2 hours of time including; 90 mins direct contact, 15 mins preparation and 15 mins follow up.

An initial session would cost £1680 and consist of (90 mins direct contact, 15 mins prep, 15 mins follow up)

What happens during supervision?

We have a variety of options available to support you in your supervision needs as we know how busy your schedule can be. We can provide one-to-one supervision in person, over the phone, online through Skype, or by email. Group supervision is available in person during some evenings and weekends.

Supervision is available to support you. We make sure you are supported emotionally, practically and with your casework. Supervision gives you an opportunity to discuss topics or raise concerns in an impartial, safe and non judgemental space where you will be treated with respect.

Ongoing Supervision

Ongoing supervision occurs following the initial supervision session on a term by term, or annual, basis. As standard we provide nine sessions of supervision per year. Each session is based on 2 hours of time that includes; 90 mins direct contact, 15 mins preparation and 15 mins follow up. Sessions follow a supervision agenda agreed by the supervisee.

We can provide supervision to all types of practitioner psychologists and education staff.

What are the costs of supervision?

Our standard supervision package is designed to meet all professional requirements and develop supervisees roles as practitioner psychologists. Our standard supervision package is priced at £540 per term or £1,620 per annum.

If a higher level of supervision is required than our standard supervision package, then quotation can be provided on request.

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