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School transition

School transitions such as a change of school, classes or teachers, can be a challenging time for many children and young people which is why we offer a broad range of school transition services.

Our school transition services can be commissioned by parents, carers and education settings.

Who is suitable for school transition services?

Our school transition services are bespoke according to needs and circumstances making all children and young people going through a transition within school suitable. Examples of those we support include children and young people who:

We work with children and young people aged 0-25 who may be having difficulties with transitions throughout education, or who have not responded well to change previously. Our school transition services can also be commissioned for groups of students, and on a whole school level.

School transition services

A primary school girl ready to go to secondary school

What are the benefits of school transition services?

Using our school transition services to support children and young people with periods of change throughout education brings the following benefits:

Our school transition services provide benefits to both home and education settings.

What happens during school transition services?

School transition services include a range of services, such as; assessments, interventions, training and consultancy. Our transition services include both direct and indirect work according to circumstances.

For individuals

When working with an individual we would take the unique situation into account and assess them in relation to coping with change, for example their resilience. Interventions for individuals could involve exploring the transition and upcoming changes. Exploring the changes would lead to the development of personalised strategies to use during the upcoming transition. Parents and carers can request our school transition services for a child or young person who finds school transitions difficult.

For groups

Interventions for groups would involve exploring the transition and upcoming changes. The group would work together to develop strategies they could use to support each other through the transition process. For children and young people transitioning to the same school this level of peer support should reduce some anxiety caused by the upcoming transition.

For whole school

Whole school consultancy could involve a variety of reactive and proactive services according to the circumstances. Consultancy services are useful for; vulnerable or challenging cohorts, implementing or adapting a transition policy and other systemic work. Our psychologists may also deliver training around positive transitions to help education staff promote a calm and happy transition.

Initial discussion

To get started arrange an initial discussion with one of our psychologists.

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What happens after school transition services?

Our school transition services can happen before, during or after the transition which means that we can be involved at all stages of the process. Following our involvement we can provide follow up services if required. If reports are required then we can provide them. We can also help to create a personal document to advise adults in the transition process of how best to support an individual.

School transition services support children, young people, parents, carers and education settings in reducing anxiety and providing a more positive transition. Our school transition services are accessible to education settings, parents and carers on an individual, group and systemic level. To arrange an initial discussion or to find out more please contact us.

Arrange an initial discussion

Arrange an initial discussion to find out how we can benefit your education setting. The initial discussion lasts 2 hours and is a starting point to identify needs. The cost is £195.

  • No waiting lists
  • Experienced psychologists
  • Includes recommendation summary

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